Panel of Tinker Bell!

Panel from a page showing Tinker Bell on her search for Peter's Shadow in the Darling's Nursery :)


After an amazingly successful campaign we want to thank you all SO much for your support. What a wonderful Christmas present you've given us and in return we'll spend 2013 creating a very special book for you. Thank you! ~Renae & Ray

Peter Pan in Kensignton Gardens - Marker Drawing Giveaway!

In honor of hitting the 50% Funded mark on our Kickstarter, Renae is giving away this original hand-drawn marker rendering of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens riding a goat (as JM Barrie wrote in his novel). One random backer *WHO ENTERS* will receive this! Go to the first update on the Kickstarter page for details! Absolutely beautiful and atmospheric (this is her husband posting it ;)

Thanks so much for all your support!!!
Please keep sharing, still a long road ahead of us!